Making A Booking Form

I’d like to make something like this booking form…

(Scroll through the months to see where people have booked)

I want to send an email to our mailing list with a link. The link takes you to a page with a booking form as in the example above. Our form would be for one day with the options being 15 minute time slots. The user enters their email, the number of guests and clicks on a time slot. A message saying ‘Thank you for booking’ appears on screen. An email is sent to me alerting me to the booking, the number of guests and the time slot chosen by the user. All subsequent visitors to the booking page will see the time slot is taken as it is now marked in red (this happens automatically when the time slot is chosen by the previous user).

So I guess what I need to know is…

How to get the chosen square to turn from green to red and stay that way for all subsequent visitors to the site.

How to get the thank you message generated. (I probably know how to do this)

How to get the form to send me an email informing me of the booking, number of guests and which time slot has been booked.

I also need a way to reset the time slots to green should a user cancel their reservation.

The booking form will be used once every two weeks so needs to go up fresh each time, but I assume that’s just a matter of loading back up to the server each time. Or I could do as they’ve done in the example above and have all the dates up there and scrollable and remove each week as they pass.


I recommend using a pre-built booking plugin for Wordpress:

Tumult Hype is built for creating animations on timelines, and creating interactivity on your site – creating a booking form is not really in its wheelhouse.

Ah, I thought that might be the answer.

Thanks for the reply.