Make element not visible until starting animation

If I add an element to a timeline, it’ll be visible throughout the entire timeline unless I animate it in and out in a way that hides it. In other words, it’ll be visible over all my existing graphics.

I’m entirely new in this program, but I wonder if there’s a setting that doesn’t make the element pop into view until it shows up on the timeline. Just like it does in after effects. There you set a start point of from where the element start and stop its existence.

Any advice on how this works in Hype and if there’s a setting to make sure the element is invisible until it starts being animated?

Use the display property.

Set it to hidden and the visible at a keframe point. (15.1 KB)


Really appreciate your response, but that seems bothersome to me. Let’s say I want to insert an element at 5 seconds, I have to set it to hidden and let it exist throughout the entire timeline, and then at 5s set it to visible. Love everything about this software, but that seems clumsy to me because I need to set keyframes for it, but I also wont be able to see when the element starts existing. On the timeline there’s just one massive “animation” between hidden and visible until 5s mark where the animation actually happen. Isn’t there a better way?

You have to place the element somewhere!.
Either on scene or off scene.

Having never used AD, I am at a loss of understanding how you could get an element on to scene at a particular position with particular properties at a given time without setting that up before hand and not actually doing so using the timeline and key frames.

Yeah, it’s more of the workflow thing than anything. I’m used to working with thousands of layers in post processing production and then the layers are only visible during the time I tell them to. Otherwise it’d be a nightmare. It could be easily done in Hype as well, but the thinking is different. I get the thinking since it’s based on HTML5 and my experience is more video production.

It’s just a bit of an adjustment, but you cleared it up for me. Many thanks Mark! Very much appreciate it. :smiley:

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This “existence at a defined time & period” is particularly useful with long timelines when You have markers well out of sight on a timeline. The element is always available the user just simply defines the “in-out” points; it exists in discrete chunks wherever spec’d. This approach makes handling complex projects (long timelines with lots of elements) far easier.

I’ve had to adapt to Hype’s workflow but it is clunky in comparison to a motion graphics/video interface.

Below is a screenshot of a timeline from Apple’s “Motion” app. The “bars” for each element (layers in the timeline) define its appearance and exit (aka “in” & “out” points). No need to tell an element to be hidden before it is displayed - a much cleaner lucid expression of elements in a project. Note how each element is identified - not just in the list at the left but also on the bar itself. Filters, opacity settings, etc. are applied at the element’s bar, not in a separate “property” window~timeline.

Thanks Jim, I actually have Motion but not played with it much. I will have a look to get a better understanding but probably will not hold my breath for it to be introduced to Hype any time soon…