Magazine App Made With Hype

Hello, I am new to Hype and love it.

Just wondering if anyone has managed to make a magazine app with in-app purchases with Hype or other tools.

The issues are created in Hype but Im trying to find someway of serving them.

I know there is Baker Framework and been through tutorials of that, but it is not supported anymore (by the looks of it).

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Baker is still a great way to build a Magazine with in-app purchases.

I recommend checking out some of the partner organizations that offer features on top of Baker (but use it as a base):

@magloft is one, and they happen to be members of this forum.

Hi all, happy to help in here when possible. I am almost certain that one of our clients is using Tumult Hype for his magazine. Have a look at this very cool interactive mag:

If you would like to get in touch with the developer Iā€™m happy to make an introduction, just say the word. You can contact me on: nick dot martin @ magloft dot com :slight_smile:

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Yup ā€“ that built with Hype ā€“ you can see a sample here:

Ah thanks, very awesome :slight_smile:

I should add, if anyone from here are interested in using MagLoft as a provider, please do get in touch with me as we would like to offer a special discount for Tumult Hype users. You peeps create amazing content!




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