MacPro 6,1 to MacStudio Python Enabler

What to know about installing Python Enabler on an M1 as it relates to Hype or MacStudio comes with Python already?

The short answer is:
Apple no longer ships python with macOS, so it is essentially required to use the Python Export Script Enabler to work with Export Scripts.

Of course some minor things to note:

  • The python installed by this is not system-accessible, and only used by Hype. As such, it would probably also come over during a migration if you had it installed on a prior machine
  • All current export scripts on our page include this, so you do not need to install it separately
  • Export Scripts don't actually have to be written in python, so in theory this isn't a requirement, but nearly all are :slight_smile:
  • Apple's Xcode developer tools do install python, but it is python 3 and most export scripts were coded against python 2. (yes, at some point it would be great to migrate these...)
  • If you install python by other means, the export scripts will still not use that version since we don't have the PATH where that is likely installed in the environment where we run export scripts
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Thanks for the breakdown, is below is still the case? I wonder what would happen if Hype executes a python script, will there be a lag?

The python we ship is built from scratch to produce Universal binaries for Intel and Apple Silicon.

(Actually the only reason we went through the trouble to build for Apple Silicon is because we found some users refused to install Rosetta -- even emulated, the original Intel python was plenty fast)

The thread you referenced specifically is specifically benchmarking NumPy (a mathematics library for Python), and found that the standard install for this library did not leverage Apple's faster chip features for running this math.

I don't think it is related to anything folks will be doing with Export Scripts.

Export Scripts tend to be very basic, it is unlikely you'd experience any specific slowdowns. The opposite is most likely the case given how fast Apple Silicon macs are.

If you hit performance issues that are affecting your work, let us know... but I would not expect it.

I see thank you, Ive installed the python enabler looks like it worked out.

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