Mac Desktop App Off Edges

I’m creating an apple responsive app that works perfectly with all phones and iPads. But as a Desktop app it’s off by a few pixels and some UI elements are cut off on top. If I go full screen with the app then it’s fine. But when it opens it’s off.

It’s not a matter of how my elements are positioned or scaled. It works fine on Safari.

On the left it’s the Desktop App. On the right regular Safari.

But full size is fine

Has anyone run into this problem?

Update: I just realized it’s the top bar (not shown on screenshot) that’s covering part of the UI. And the bar can’t be disabled because it’s needed to minimize, close and expand the app, just like on any software.

I’ll try to figure out if I can force the content to appear below the bar, and I’ll post solution here. If anyone knows how to move the content down let me know!

I'm not sure, as I was just taking a quick look at forums before dinner. :yum:

...but I suspect maybe the "Title bar" is "Transparent". That's where I'd start looking, in Xcode, settings for the project, title bar, probably on the right side, lots of tabs, click around.