Love it but with some feedback

Hey guys. I was initially so very impressed with this software, and I get the feel that you’re the guys behind Sketch. The interface hints at it. A software that outmatches everything when it comes to web design. Not illustrations, but everything web I refuse to work in anything else. And I’m glad it doesn’t try to do the illustration thing. Love that it knows it identity and does it amazingly! But I digress…

I loved how simple everything was in Hype and so clear, but I found some really massive dealbreakers and I’d just like to give my two cents. However, know that I really appreciate your effort and I really want you to succeed, so this is just some feedback for you to ponder on, or just ignore. Your call.

  1. There’s a timeline, but the layer exists forever instead of a certain time span. That makes everything really messy once you go advanced. I’ve touched on this in one of my other posts, but in general I’m looking for the way After Effect works. After 10 layers I still have layers that in that time of the animation is irrelevant. The animation is over and done with and shouldn’t be in my view. I get it’s how HTML5 works, but that doesn’t mean the tool need to. If all layers are invisible by default outside it’s timespan and then visible inside the timespan it’ll work just fine. And then you have a proper physical presence on the timeline. I realize this can be somewhat dealt with using scenes, but I have a speaker and background music which I time everything to so the problem becomes quickly apparent.

  2. The detection of which layer I want to work with when clicking the mouse is horrible. If I have a layer selected and click I should keep working on that layer, not select any of the other layers. Because I have to click 10 times just to get hold of a layer sometimes and I end up having to write the values in and just guessing. This matter would also be solved by feedback no 1.

  3. When I click a timeline it jumps to the beginning of it. So if the layer isn’t visible which it often isn’t, I cannot see what I’m doing, and if I’m trying to match it to another layer I loose track of where I was. Again, I have to fiddle around and guess.

  4. The capo is just a weird analogy. If I put a symbol with an animation on the timeline for instance, I just gotta go get it from 0s and drag it all the way to where I want it. Would also be solved with feedback no 1.

  5. Clicking a layer makes me change it’s timing or something when using keyboard arrows, when I want to change position. So it’s weird it’s two different behaviours wether I click in the window or the timeline. Drag the timing with the mouse, but clicking a layer should modify it’s position and such. So instead, to move back and forth on the timeline requires unique shortcuts, not the same in different contexts.

  6. Video doesn’t export sound.

So, I’m hesitant to giving this a purchase right now, but with all this said I gotta say that EVERYTHING ELSE I absolutely love of the software. Great UX, amazing interface, looks good, and just the rendering speed is a breeze to experience and that you manage to get this to work this well in browsers astound me! I actually used it to make a explainer video, and I’m so sick of Adobe. So I actually used this as a replacement for After Effects (vector animation). And I think that if you fill that gap there’s a lot of people that’ll move over, because a lot of people wanna get away from Adobe. I for one, would love to see more people move away from them and to competitors like you guys.

Either way, fantastic work otherwise and best of luck! I’ll keep my eye on the development of the software, the day it’s easier to work with I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

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I wonder if your problems with Hype aren’t directly related to your years of using AE. Having adapted a workflow you live and breath you find difficult to apply to Hype? I’m having more then 2 decades of photoshop (I started with version 2.5 which came on floppy disks) behind me and trying to transition away from adobe myself I find it hard to adapt to Affinity because certain things I used to do for years and years in PS do not work that way in Affinity.

I have realized it’s not the software at fault but me. I have to adapt, relearn new ways and tricks and unlearn old habits.

I came from Flash and was puzzled, to say the least, when I first started to use Hype. Heck I even put it away and went back to Flash when the struggle became too much for me. So maybe, :slight_smile: it’s not just Hype but you being a little bit stuck in a AE workflow you cannot project onto Hype?



I have experienced all those frustrations. On a long complicated project (hundreds of elements, large number of scenes, long timelines) I spend more time diddling with Hype’s interface than I do creating the output. Audio and video controls are not very robust. At this time Hype is more geared to simpler productions vis-a-vis the terms I just mentioned.

But I sure love what it can do well. And like You I hope that a future version will look to expand its oeuvre to fill in the missing pieces for these kinds of projects. I think there would be a large audience for this kind of app - interactive motion graphics.

This topic has been written about before, and as I recall @jonathan (founder of Tumult which produces Hype) indicated there would have to be quite a re-write of Hype to make these kind of interface changes. And, as Tumult is a small software company, would need some kind of thorough convincing that making the changes would pay off. Interface changes rarely are sexy nor generate a cool factor that make new users say “gotta have it!”.


Yes, I work with several different interfaces during the course of a day, and it takes a few minutes to make the mental switch.

By the same token, apps which claim to do everything and actually try to do it become mental monsters to work with.

I have many of the same complaints, but when you make a complete change, it can take months to wrap your head around it.

I don’t know of a better solution. The bigger and more complex an app gets in order to do everything, the more potential problems and training issues you have.

From 1988 through the mid 90’s I was one of the great supporters of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and built a screen printing business that I owned for 19 years. Now I hate Adobe Anything. In order to use their stuff you have to make a lifetime commitment in more ways than one.

Beware of what you ask for.

Yes Ive experienced what you’ve experienced and yes I too had my fare share of concerns when I just started. Hype is at version 3.6.3 going to 4 next year. Id say be patient, Jonathan and the team will address these and more issues via updates.

For now I can only say find a workaround and make it part of your workflow that is if your still committed to using Hype.

Yeah, I was thinking wether that was the case as well, but it’s not, because it’s not the workflow that get in the way once I work on a big project, but the annoyances. Granted it’s weird to get used to that the layers just stack up forever and ever, but I also get why that thinking is there - it’s the exact way HTML5 works. Hype places everything in a big heap and leaves it to you to find it and do stuff with it, but AE or Motion instead comes up one thing at a time and you do stuff with it then. It’s just a better way of doing it in my opinion.

It simply won’t work for me at this point in time, but I’ll keep my eye open for sure and a few versions down the line I’m sure I’ll purchase the product. :slight_smile:

That’s the thing Ken, I agree with you fully. All these softwares eventually bloat with features and it get’s to complex and really doesn’t do anything really well. Adobe’s stuff being a perfect example. But, I’m not talking about adding features, but instead modifying the workflow and finetuning the user experience. Just what @JimScott mentioned, it’s to much fiddling with the interface. And the interface is actually quite superb, but the final touches aren’t there yet to give it justice. As soon as they are there, I’ll use the heck out of this software. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I don’t like the fact that you have to do a lot of fiddling and dragging with the interface. I have asked for tear-off menus. But recently I have put a lot of hours in using Pixelmator, (if you are not familiar with it, it is a Photoshop replacement) It has tear-off menus, and there is a disadvantage to them also. I use two 21 inch monitors, and my tear off menus can get lost!

So is that an answer? I am not at all sure. NOW I have Pixelmator Pro which has many new added features, all very nice and worthwhile. BUT there is a price. There will be more tear-offs to manage.

I have one Hype document that has 53 timelines on one page… It IS difficult to manage it, especially if I haven’t seen it for a few months.

The interface could be broken up in another way. Responsive Site Design does “everything” so to speak. But it breaks the functions up into so many menus and submenus that it is very easy to literally get lost. “What was I doing, and how do I back my way out.”

“the interface is actually quite superb, but the final touches aren’t there yet to give it justice”

Well, we all want the perfect interface, but what i perfect for me today most likely will be different on tomorrows project.

I would suggest that you just stick with it for awhile. I am the king of over-thinking things, so i get your frustration. I could give you a list of a dozen apps that frustrate me for the same yet different reasons.

There are many differences between Hype and apps like Flash and After Effects. Being a major AE user, I appreciate your concerns. The ability to define start and end times for objects, to control loading arbitrarily and by object, the selecting of objects, etc.

As noted by Jim, small companies don’t have the resources and manpower to cover all requests, but must prioritize.

From my perspective, the issues are that Hype is the best app of its kind, that Flash (which has a ton of negatives) doesn’t run on iOS, that video apps such as AE don’t have the needed interactivity and require dedicated streaming, and that JS on its own is too complex for highly complicated animations. There are other issues as well, but for what it does, Hype is the best thing going.

Rick mentioned Photoshop 2.5. I started with 2.1. In those days PS did not have layers, which meant that complex compositions required the creation of all sorts of files that had to be output, then assembled while making multiple saves of slightly different versions and doing the same over and over for each layer - it was ridiculously labor-intensive. But that was the state of Photoshop. If the job required PS, then PS was what we used. As for Hype, stick with it. It’s the best app of its kind.

Regarding your point #6, if you export the project as video you can use QuickTime 7 Pro to extract the audio track. Open the movie in QTP7, go to Movie Properties, delete the video and timing tracks, then export it in the desired audio format.

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