Loupdeck and Streamdeck + deep integration

I am interested in building a deep integration with my stream deck + or Loupedeck. I had all my go-to actions programmed in the stream deck XL and it works well. with the newer devices, we have rotary dials. there are soooo many things we could do with rotary dials. For instance, how cool would it be to be able to edit rotation values on any axis, or even skew or scale an item via the turning of a rotary dial. the loupdeck has haptic feedback, I wonder if that type of feedback would be plausible.. anyone out there gotten into developing a deep integration like this? If so, please point me in the right direction?

I assume you mean to specifically control Hype/editing, and not as a factor of the exported HTML output?

I think about the best you could do is have the stream/loupedeck interact via keyboard shortcuts, that you would program yourself. If a shortcut doesn't exist in Hype for the action, you are kinda out of luck.

The Steam Deck and Loupedeck both have APIs that Hype could use for further control, so I filed this as a feature request on our tracker (but uhhh.... I do think it would be cool but isn't likely to happen anytime soon given the limited audience for such a feature.)