Lottie buttons – Actions not working

I'm using a couple lottie files for buttons. One is a button to go to a specific scene on mouse click and another is to go to the previous scene. However, neither of the action items work on the lottie files. I've tested with a shape element and the action works fine. Is there a special way to get actions to work on lottie files?

The way I added the lottie file is to paste the tag and HTML referencing the lottie file, into an HTML Widget, then clicking on the HTML widget and adding an action to go to a scene on click.

Any idea how to do this? BTW... the lottie files have transparent backgrounds. Does this affect the actions on the entire HTML Widget?

I'm using Hype 4.0.6 on Mac OS X.

can you attach a samplefile¿

Here's a very basic file with a lottie button on scene 1 that should link to scene 2. I'm guessing it's due to the HTML Widget that's loading the lottie button, but not sure how to fix.

Thanks for taking a look.
lottie-button.zip (100.9 KB)

HTML Widgets will eat the clicks; your best bet would be to place a transparent element over the widget and have that respond to the action.

(I have filed a bug about this - I now am wondering if it worked at some point in the past or if no one ever tried doing this!)