Losing timeline actions on copy/paste symbols


If I have an Hype document ‘A’ create timelines in there with timeline actions (those little blue 45 degree turned squared keyframes), turn that into a symbol, copy the symbol then paste the symbol in Hype document ‘B’, I get all the items in the symbol, including timelines but without the timeline actions like ‘pause’ etc.

Is that a bug or is that just the way things currently work? :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried it myself with a symbol, but you could try ‘alt cmd V’ from the edit menu: Paste with animations

Well I just tried that, the animations copy over nicely, just not the timeline actions.

But ok, it’s something I know now, means little bit extra work.

Thank you for the suggestion :smile:

well, it worked for me. Made the animation in untitled. turned it into a symbol. copied en pasted altcmdv in untitled2.

Archief.zip (22.0 KB)

Hhmmm, ‘archief’… You’re Dutch or Belgian perhaps?

Did you add any timeline actions in your example? Like where my arrows aim at:

If not I’m going serious bonkers here.

I did not have any diamonds to be copied. I tried that but it doesn’t seem to work. You need to copy them separately.

When elements are converted to a symbol, timeline actions are not carried over. This is expected behavior; not all timeline actions necessarily relate to what will be in the symbol.

I didn’t see any timeline actions in these files (neither in the symbol nor in the scene)?

Also do make sure you are using 3.5.3; I believe there was a bug in earlier versions of 3.5 with copying some timeline actions.

Well you live and learn I guess. That those timeline actions don’t transfer over is something I can live with, though I had hoped a bit as it being a ‘container’ it contained everything. It is a bit annoying I cannot break a symbol back open if I’m not very, very careful.

Just lost a day today because I copied a symbol over to another scene in the same Hype document and started editing it, only checking that scene because the previous ones where ok, then when I wanted to pack it in for today, I review my entire document and see that the edit in the copy of symbol copied over in the other scene.

Teehehehee… sigh.
At least I won’t make that mistake again. /o\

Yeah, I hear you. There’s a lot about symbols where it is impossible to automatically understand a user’s intent on construction/deconstruction given the complexity of symbols and how they interact with the document. We debated a lot of strategies, possibility of having guiding dialogs, etc., but in general always found Hype would be likely to do the wrong thing for a lot of cases or add complexity that isn’t necessary a lot of the time.

However, I do think that if the timeline actions are made within a symbol, those should be carried over. So if you’re seeing that they are not maybe you could provide a screen capture of this flow? The documents didn’t have timeline actions, so there wasn’t much to go on.