Looping Video Background Mobile

Does anyone know if it’s possible to have a video background that autoplays and loops (no sound) on iOS and Android? (mostly targeted at tablets)

Also, if it is possible, I’ll need to dynamically set the video with Javascript. Would I go the route of setting the innerhtml of na element with a video tag or can Hype’s built in player be set using Javascript. My videos will reside on Amazon S3.


On iOS as long as it is muted it can autoplay. You’ll also want to mark it as inline (playsinline attribute).

Hype’s built-in element is just a <video> tag (except on older IE), so you can assign an ID in the Identity Inspector and access it that way, though there’s no way to set the .src URL ahead of time. It might be better just to use the Inner HTML of a Rectangle element instead for this case.

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