Looping sound on export has silent gaps

I’m trying to loop sound with Hype’s build in loop function.

If I preview the scene, sound loops seamlessly.
If I export the same scene and view it through a browser the loop has very clear silent gaps in it.

Take for example @jonathan 's file here:

If previewed the scream in the file goes like WhaWhaWhaWhaWhaWhaWha etc. (no pauses)
If exported and browser viewed it goes like Wha… Wha… Wha… Wha… etc. (with pauses)

I’m trying to find out if it’s just me having this behavior or do others hear this as well?
I reinstalled Hype 3, thinking it might be a Hype4 thing but this had the same result.
Or have these gaps when looping always been the case? :no_mouth:

engine_sound.zip (269.9 KB)

if you run the export from a server and webaudio can be used it’ll work without gap. it’s related to standard audio-tag. webaudio can’t be used locally because its basic approach is to use an XMLHttpRequest for fetching sound files …


Oh, here I go again. (kickselfsmiley) Not running it through a server. Argh!
Thank you Hans! :star_struck:

To test local export ( saves you from keep having to upload to server) you can use this method

It did work ok when I did this.


Wow! That’s handy! :smile:
Thank you too!

Did I mention that I love this place?


may come in handy too


That’s a great tip too!
Thank you Hans. :grinning: