Looping animations within symbols not always working

I’m building the below animation and have multiple symbols which loop after the main part of the animation is finished.

When I preview the animation in browser sometimes some of the loops stop but not always. When I refresh they can work again. It seems an intermittent issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

header animation.hype.zip (188.9 KB)

I couldn’t see anything wrong myself; some questions:

  • Is there a particular symbol that is not looping correctly, or do all of them not loop?
  • Does it happen that it never does a loop, or after some period of loops it eventually breaks?
  • If it isn’t looping, did it run the first animation?
  • Is this dependent on a particular browser?

I notice you use a few different ways to loop. All look fine, but the most typical is to use a continue timeline action at the 0 frame and a continue timeline with play in reverse action at the timeline end point (as opposed to a start timeline action). Even if changing this does happen to solve your problem, I’d like to know the above answers to try to reproduce.

Hi Jonathan

Thanks for getting back to me.

Sometimes the heart beating, megaphone or blue man pointing would stop. The pink ones seem to loop fine but I think I did them by going back to the start of the timeline not reversing it from the end.

It is inconsistent and sometimes one or another don’t stop. It seems to be after a couple of cycles. It effects the ones that use reverse. I have a feeling that it is to do with me nesting symbols within symbols. Possibly timeline actions from one symbol effecting another?

I’ve been producing a similar animation and moving a looping symbol that stop up to the top level main timeline makes it loop no problem.

Both Safari and chrome mac seem to display this behaviour.

I’ll change both to ‘continue timeline’ as I think I may have some as ‘start timeline’.


Just quickly changed all symbol timeline actions to continue timeline (start and end) and it seems to be fixed.

Thanks for your help.

I’m glad that worked.

It is still puzzling to me that there were issues before; I spent some more time and still couldn’t reproduce any of the loops not working. While you do have deep nesting of the symbols, it doesn’t really look to me like they’d be possible affecting each other in an adverse way, especially because the loops are only at the lowest symbol levels. I’ve filed this as a bug and hope to spend some more time trying to reproduce in the future.

(cool doc btw!)

Screen Recording 2018-09-12 at 08.09 am.mov

I definitely think it was the issue not using ‘continue timeline’.

You can see in the video above the heart then megaphone stop looping. Sometimes blue pointing guy would too.

On another note are you still developing Hype? It’s a great piece of software. I don’t use it very often and noticed there hadn’t been many updates.

Thanks for the video!

Yes, we’re wrapping up v4 now :). You’re welcome to join the beta program or check out the demo from last year.