Looping animated gif stopping in banner in DCM

So, I have an HTML5 banner that need to be trafficked through DCM. I have a 75 frame animated gif that I want to loop throughout, it plays fine in Hype and when I run it through the HTML5 validator but when we put it into DCM it stops playing almost halfway through the 15 seconds (at the 6:15 mark). Any ideas on what could be causing this?

On another note, is there a new DCM export script for Hype 4? I’m able to advanced export using the script but when I try exporting as DCM DoubleClick like I used to no zip file is created.

That’s odd - can you share the Hype document?

I do see that DCM might disable looping GIFs. Check: https://greensock.com/forums/topic/17475-google-doesnt-allow-longer-than-30-seconds/

The same DCM export should work, but there’s a minor update that uses the new CDN: Google DCM - Using Official Hype CDN

Hi Daniel,

Here’s a link to the zip I’ve uploaded into DCM.

And a link to the hype file:

The gif is set to loop forever and appears fine until I put it into DCM at which point it seemingly changes the gif to 3 loops.

Here’s the preview directly from DCM:


Honestly, I think it might just be a DCM issue though I can’t seem to find any documentation on that limitation.

On a side note, I installed your latest DCM export script but it didn’t seem to fix the issue for me.

Like I said, advanced export with the script selected still works so it’s not too huge a deal. Could it be because I’m still using the Hype 4 trial?

This sounds like exactly what I would do if I ran an ad network: make sure GIFs don't endlessly loop -- this is likely the result of them modifying the GIF file itself to remove looping and set the loop to a limit of 3. One workaround would be to re-load the GIF after a set amount of time (actually redownload it, since hiding it and showing it wouldn't restart it). Here's one way: Animated GIF's play only the first time their scene is visited - #13 by MarkHunte

But this might violate their terms in some way.

We don't limit the trial -- you're getting all the latest goodies.

Thanks for your help, I’ll give it a shot!

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The only way to do this is via code? :confused:

I think so – since there is a time limit for banners, if there is a GIF which loops, it will violate that limit.

This is a time limit set by the IAB, which ad networks generally adhere to: https://www.iab.com/guidelines/html5-for-digital-advertising-guidance-for-ad-designers-creative-technologists/

They actually advise to not use animated GIFs at all:

I am not using for a banner… it won’t work for a website either.

Can you share your Hype document or your GIF?