Loop Text While Video Plays

(Derek) #1

Hello Hype…
I am assuming this can’t be done, because the scene already contains a looping video file… but… in this same scene I would like to have a text box loop as well.

It is a video header of sort, and rather than edit the video, I was hoping to add it as a separate timeline and have the text loop along with the video.

Appreciate any feedback.


I would think this is a possibility.

If not using 2 timelines then maybe a symbol or even some javascript magic.

What do you want to do exactly. Sync the video with the looping text? or just have them play side by side?

Javascript would be a solution to sync them together as you don’t know exactly when the video loads and begins.

Let me know what you need to do and I can help!


(Derek) #3

Hey Thanks DBear…
I have a 10 second video loop and want to add a text box with a 1 second fade up and down above the video. It’s a video title that says something similar to “loading…”

Like I said in the post, I could just add it along side the video, but was hoping not to have to edit video and just add a text loop :slight_smile:


Hi Derek

Here is a document that has a timeline looping until the video starts to play and then it disappears once the video is playing.

videoText-sync.zip (17.2 KB)

Let me know if you have any questions or if it’s not what you’re looking for .


(Derek) #5

Thanks DBear.
That is something I can use in another scene :smile:

But it’s not the effect I am seeking for the current issue.
I need the text to do as you have done, for the duration of the 10 second video (and loops).
So in essence, two looping elements in one scene.

Thanks for your time.


Ahh gotcha,

Just get rid of the code

if (vid.currentTime >= 0 .......

this will cause the timeline to loop indefinitely.

In essence all I am doing is creating a timeline and at the end placing a Timeline Action that starts the timeline so creating a loop. The javascript I have put in the document isn’t really necessary. It’s only because I’m using a video from elsewhere on the web.