Loop and play video in reverse?

(Pablo) #1

Hi, I’m testing Hype to work with videos for an interactive website I’m working on.
I’m trying to loop a video but playing it in reverse when it finishes. I checked out the documentation and it says to put “Continue timeline” at the beggining and “Continue timeline” at the end, plus checking the “Play in reverse” button. This is not working for me, my question is if this is not possible with videos? Any workaround?
Many thanks!


(Andrew) #2

Is the video an embedded video, or a movie file placed in the resources folder? IF this is the case you cannot play it in reverse using the timeline functions and would need to create or find a library that would do it.

Or do you mean video by an animation on the timeline? then use the controls on the timeline to add an action to play the timeline in reverse :smile:

(Pablo) #3

It’s a movie file that I have on the resources panel. What do you mean by library? It’s code that I need to add? If I embedd the video (don’t know how to do it but I can try) then the timeline action will work?
Many thanks!

(Pablo) #4

It seems that the best solution is to edit the video itself to contain the reverse section and just use hype to loop it. Longer video to load unfourtunately. While there are some ways to play it backwards, the playback is choppy. Players are optimized to playback video forwards.


Unfortunately browsers aren’t really built to reverse video. They have enough trouble playing video forwards :wink:

Here’s a bit more info: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5277293/is-it-possible-to-play-html5-video-in-reverse. Setting the playback rate might play the video in reverse correctly in some browsers, but others have issues.

I feel like this might be possible in browsers eventually.

For now, you’ll need to have two videos and switch them out when you want to show your video in reverse.