Looking to hire a freelancer skilled in both Hype and Javascript

Hello there.

I’m looking to hire a freelancer for a mini-project, which probably shouldn’t take much time to complete for anyone skilled in Hype and Javascript. (I unfortunately am not that competent when it comes to JS so I’m having some difficulties with said project.)

*** BRIEF ***

I have an open source Javascript project that was acquired from GitHub which allows the recording of both audio and video via the computer’s webcam and microphone, all of which is achieved client-side without the need for a 3rd-party server. The JS app in conjunction with HTML5 in a Google Chrome browser works fantastically, and I would like to import the underlying JS code into a basic Hype project so that I can use the audio and video record functionality when designing future Hype projects.

I’ve tried to do this myself but haven’t had much luck, as again, my JS skills are basic enough to program small functions within Hype, but not advanced enough to reverse-engineer existing JS projects and/or migrate them into Hype.

I’m sure someone will find this easy. Please feel free to quote a price for completion of such a project. I’m happy to pay in any method you would like, but Bitcoin would be preferable.

Here is the GitHub containing the aforementioned Javascript project:-


Are you still looking for help on this project?

Yes I’m still looking for help on this! I tried Fiverr and Freelancer but nobody there seems to have much experience with Hype.

this is just a copy-paste of the ‘AudioVideo-on-Firefox’-example (there are several workflow-examples) … well seems to work as expected …AudioVideo-on-Firefox.hype.zip (18.0 KB)


Nice… Works with other browsers too.

If I remember correctly Hans’ daily rate is 5,000 Swiss francs (of course that was a while ago - might have gone up) ;->


5k a day? Impressive :smiley:

Wow. This is perfect… and so simple too!

This is just the thing I was looking for. Thanks so much!

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