Looking for the person who made this

This is mindblowing and I would like to know more. Is this a sitebar used in a campaign?


I think I stared at this animation für 35 minutes. Was it posted on Dribbble?

Are you fruiting kiddin’ me!?! Pardon my French.

Yeah, it’s excellent work! Created by Mat @ Gum Gum who I think is @matevanz here.



Yep saw this a while ago on tumults gallery page and when I liked what saw, I quickly downloaded and looked at the hype file and omg :crazy_face: got dizzy. The only way I could describe it, is that it was an action theme park full of rides including a zoo, a circus with acrobats from around the world to jugglers, to rides that would make you sick to your stomach - it was that complex. Bodymovin, Custom Javascript, timeline insanity that would make an orthodox jew say ‘oi veeey gevald’… :joy: nonetheless pure Hype Magic Trickery!

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Respectfully, it looks too much like a penis. Maybe should have shown the full bottle top portion at the start? But then again it could be a brilliant marketing ploy to subconsciously get woman interested.

Thank g-d it was a fanta ad and not a Gatorade ad :joy: images

yup it was me :slight_smile:


Hello there. :slight_smile: Did something this year?