Looking for inspiration. Hype vs. JS Timeline

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I want to make an interactive timeline which displays articles published about a specific topic for an online newspaper.

The JS Timeline (https://timeline.knightlab.com/) has something similar - you can see it in the bottom of this article: https://www.b.dk/nationalt/forstaa-balladen-om-de-muslimske-friskoler-paa-fire-minutter

Did anyone create something similar? I’m looking for inspiration.

I would say this is not impossible with Hype.
The main thing is your skills in JavaScript and knowing how to parse your dynamic data. And especially for a Newspaper where the specification will need to be higher than a joe blogs page and also in regards to security in the code you are using.

There are a few threads related to dynamic data and JSON parsing on the site but real information including security concerns,referencing for examples and how to is on the www.

Here they are mainly about using it with Hype.

Here is just a proof of concept. Using a free News API /Json from https://newsapi.org ( the first one I found )
But I am sure you have your own.

Live Example page :

Example Project.

newsAPI_v2.hype.zip (110.3 KB)

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This is very interesting… Thank You Mark!

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