Looking for Hype Freelancer in Germany - best Berlin

dpa-infocom is a subsidiary of the German Press Agency (dpa). We just started a project in which we develop animated/interactive infographics right out of the Illustrator files produced by our print infographic unit. We are looking for a Hype Freelancer with skills in - of course - Hype :-), CSS, JavaScript and Illustrator. Ideally you have already gained experience in developing infographics. We are looking for a freelancer from Germany - best from Berlin - because the graphics to be developed have to be produced in a tight schedule. This requires physical proximity and even sometimes your presence at the office here in Berlin.

Hi Ed,
yes of course. Just drop me a mail: kalle.tewes@dpa-info.com


Thank you, Kalle, I'll do that right away.

  • Ed

Hi Kalle, I’ve sent you an email. - Regards, ED

Hi Kalle,

i’ve send you a mail as well.

Olof Pock