Looking for Hype designers to turn news stories into dynamic web content for youth

Hello there!
We are a newly syndicated print and online magazine created by a global team of young writers and visual artists for an audience of their peers. With text and high-quality images supplied to you, we are looking for several super-creative Hype designers to turn our content into dynamic web content for youth audiences.

I will be looking for you to create solutions that integrate with Wordpress and work well on all devices and at all screen sizes. We will expect you to test this and make sure it’s the case.

We are definitely looking to build ongoing relationships with the right people. We want fun, smart, out-of-the-box creatives who would enjoy digging in and helping us to create awesome solutions. We are open to experiments. We like to take risks that lead to something amazing!

Sounds nice. Ping me up with more details although I am generally pretty busy and self driven (by interesting topics) but the creative aspects sound like something that might click.

Good morning, Max,

Thank your for your message. My name is Lori Cullen, publisher at iGeneration Youth. We are a media company newly syndicated by a major newspaper company to produce in-depth, topical, trustworthy news and feature articles that meet the needs, interests and capabilities of young audiences. Our multimedia packages consist of articles, images, and videos or interactive web content, which will be made available to more than 2,000 media and digital information publishers in nearly 100 countries. We are super excited as iGeneration Youth’s entire purpose is to give high-level training, work experience, and publishing opportunities to talented youth with a serious interest in arts- or writing-related careers.

We are trying to tackle the problem of boring (i.e., long blocks of text and a rectangle photograph) news articles that young people don’t like and don’t read. Our young artists produce professional-level illustrations and photographs. We realized that with some planning, such as having illustrators create their drawings on separate layers to allow them to be moved, for example, we could create articles in fun formats like quizzes, and animated infographics and such.

We’ve spent a while eliminating platforms that won’t work well, such as Storyline, meant more for e-learning, and eventually found myself here at Hype, which I think will work.

Before I get started down this road, I am not a developer, and the web designers I currently use are not familiar with Hype. Does this solution have the capability to create this fun kind of content – plus ads – in the way I think it will? Also, although I know the program must be used on a Mac, does it truly work well on all screen sizes on all browsers? Finally, the cost of development, like anything, I’m sure one could build the equivalent of a Juraissic Park movie in Hype if wanted, but how labor intensive is it to create in Hype, if you are provided with high-quality images? Because if it’s going to cost $5,000 to build an ad or one article, then obviously I’m barking up the wrong tree!

Kind regards,

These are a few examples of things we would love to turn into engaging Web content.

Finally, for example, the Global Voices (10 Countries, 10 Views) feature. We have video, audio as well as images and text. Does Hype enable video to be embedded?

As you can see, I am just now beginning to explore Hype, but I am pretty motivated to get started on some projects if it turns out Hype is a good platform for us. We begin serving our content through Tribune in September. We have time to develop our Web content, but I would like to do so soon.

Thank you for your time!


In general Hype is good for interactive widget but if you want to publish articles and videos (multi author environment) I’d would recommend a CMS (content management system). You can also use a blogging system like WordPress with Elementor. I’d use Hype for little interactions but surly not for the whole publication.

Thanks, Max. Yes. This is what I was thinking. We have a website. We are redoing it for our september launch. our magazine site is a wordpress site: https://magazine.igenerationyouth.com/

I would like to use Hype to create some of our advertisements and quizzes. So it sounds like Hype will be perfect.

So the project I am interested right now in finding a developer for is to make us an interactive map that corresponds with a pullout “Hello New York” section of our magazine. The purpose of it is for travelers to be able to locate things to do, see, hear, eat, drink in the New York neighborhood where they are staying. I’ll attach a rough example to this email.

We want to have a map and then to sell advertising on it. In the online version, we would like people to be able to hover over numbers and see an image of the venue plus a description and a link.

If this is something you’d be interested in developing – and if you think Hype is good for it - I’d love to talk.

Also, do you have examples of your work I can see that isn’t code? I don’t do code, so I don’t know what those examples mean!

Hi Lori

Your project is highly interesting! I’ve recently started to use Hype for turning printed infographics / explainers / ads into interactive widgets. They work fine on different CMS, WordPress included.
I would be interested in sharing my experience in developing of interactive maps with you.

I’d love to talk via email or iMessage. And I love that young generation of readers is your target group!
My recent example widget - an interactive map- has been published on a Danish site:


Hi Ed. Thanks for you note. I’ve sent you an email.

I am also looking to have some articles turned into quizzes, infographics and such, if anyone else is doing this type of work. I probably have 10 - 15 projects.

I am working on a massive interactive info-graphics system at the moment - basically I have to make an air defence system look and be accessible!


That sounds super challenging, but super fun!

Hi Lori!

Project sounds interesting! I’ve developed animations, advertisements, tests with variable endings, and micro-stories in Hype. As someone previously mentioned, I (personally) wouldnt use Hype to build an entire (desktop) site, but it is fully capable. I tend to use wordpress and blend elements of Hype in seamlessly. Send me a message, Id love to hear more and show some examples. :smiley: