Looking For Example of HTML Widget and "on mouse down" to set url contents of widget working in iOS (iPhone)?

Hi All,

User DeBear shared the example of loading a url via a button action, or “on mouse down” action to a HTML Widget. The JavaScript he shared was:

function vrstory(hypedocument, element, event) {

var iframe = hypeDocument.getElementById('vrstoryframe').children[0]; 

// myIframe an example ID of the HTML widget. This would be your own. Set in the Element inspector.

// children[0] is the actual iframe as HTML Widgets in Hype are actually Divs with an iframe in it.
    iframe.src = "http://www.vrstorydesign.com";


This works fine on the desktop (Chrome, Firefox, and Safari) but I can’t get this to work on the iPhone or an iPad. Does this strategy, loading HTML widget url via a javascript, not work on iOS?

Thank you!