Looking for advice for my new website dedicated to a movie from my childhood

I’m creating this personal website dedicated to E.T. the extra-terrestrial. I just created the first page but I think that in the end this site will weigh quite a lot. I don’t care though, because my goal is to create an experience similar to the film. But I needed some advice:

  1. Given the weight this site will have, I’ll have to make an initial preload so that the user can see everything immediately without waiting. I took a look at the various loading examples but I wanted to customize my preloader by putting an image of E.T. with a bar that advances as the site loads. Any ideas on how to make it?
  2. I would like the site (or it would be better to write “multimedia presentation”) to have dynamic content. I mean, I don’t want to open the source from time to time and add content also because I’ve seen that when I try to move inside the scene, I move as if I were in slow motion. So I thought to insert some iframes to load some external html pages in order to be faster in writing possible articles. Do you think this is a good idea?
  3. I would like to insert banners that load randomly. Who helps me to create a simple script in Javascript to do it? I also need a trivial example and then I’ll try to customize it.
  4. Problem … I have not created persistent smboli. This animated banner will have to be repeated for each page…do you think I can make it all in a persistent symbol?
  5. Question CEO. Ok, I know, the HTML5 canvas doesn’t allow an internal search. Is there anything I can do to make it vaguely indexable?

PS: In the animation, when ET’s head is raised, this animation is displayed differently between Firefox and Safari. Safari makes a smooth motion while Firefoz moves its head in jerks. I don’t understand why. The rest of the animation is identical…

Video preview here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AtP0_b3xr6dZhZ0fdWosKINPrHUtmg?e=O9P8aF

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Huge fan of ET - thanks for sharing this with us.

Here’s one way to do this: Creating a Custom Preloader

If you want to update content frequently, I can see how this makes sense, but if it doesn’t need to be live, then creating content in Hype makes the most sense. Can you share your Hype document with us? We’d like to figure out why your document is laggy.

What kind of banners? Can you give us a bit more information? There are a few examples of using randomness to display scenes on the forums which could be adopted to showing iframes.

Or just a regular symbol – it’s up to you.

One way around this is to make it easier to get around is to create a footer with simple links to each page, something like this:

Can you share a link on the web?

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Thank you for reply.

Give me an email, thanks!

I would like to insert information banners to share information of various kinds. I am also an author of books and I would like to share any news of a new publication of mine by showing a banner.
I have thought about using an IFRAME. I could change the contents of the IFRAME manually. In fact, once I have placed an IFRAME its content can be easily changed but I also wanted to consider making a carousel of banners with random displays that are placed inside Hype.

Mhh…but if I have to show an item on every page wouldn’t it be better to create a persistent symbol? For example, the menu…

Do you mean create a link series inside Hype or outside Hype in a html page?



This would just be regular JS + HTML — you could use something like this:

For your menu, a persistent symbol would work well.

Regarding the footer, I’m just recommending that you have a link to each page on each page (at the bottom) to make navigation easier. (Since creating a search function is not easy to do on static websites)

Okay, thanks…but the footer you’re talking about it must be inserted inside a Hype presentation or inside an html page that contains the Hype presentation

I’m just offering the idea of a footer in contrast to trying to figure out ‘search’ – You could build this with regular Hype text + mouse click actions or with regular HTML.

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