Looking for a freelancer-Hype expert to help me on my project

I have been tasked with building some “interactive schematics”, my client has created some before using flash and they want to create 6 more with a few updates:
1 - Move away from flash to HTML
2- Update the UI and UX design

I created a video that goes over the project, I think it would be very helpful here is the link ( Video Link )
I mainly need to know if this is possible in Hype and start the process of pricing this out.
feel free to watch the video and ask me any questions you may have.
I hope to hear from you soon.

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This is the perfect example for Finite State Maschine(s). So every switch interacts with the state machine and changes it. As it actually requires internal logic how such a switch board functions you would want to be able to change the ‘wiring’ any time and have the client be able to read the state machine. So in a more sophisticated approach you have a state definition (human and machine readable) that drives each ‘simulation’. In that case the programmer wires everything up and you can finetune the state machine with the client. In a lesser approach you still use such an approach but only with human readable state machine (flowdiagram) and a nanimator/programmer needs to fix every little interaction going throught it.

Programs I’d recommend for programming are Hype (obviously) or Paint Code. If you use Hype you can use relative Timelines for the components of each FSM and it’s state. The programming depends on the fact if you want a true FSM or only an if/else approximation.

Read about state machines here:

If that is to dry :wink:… look at

This is a very simple logic gate example (using rather the if/else approach then a FSM)

Since Hype 4 you can even use these switches as components