Long vertical swipe (scroll) gesture on mobile

Hello. On a one page mobile version website (height 7000px), is there a way, with one gesture (vertical swipe), to let the layout flow /scroll from the top to the bottom of the all website?

You could link a Scene inspector ‘on swipe up’ gesture to a smooth scroll action: Same page scroll using Hype buttons

(There’s a @MaxZieb extension for everything)

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Thanks. I'm not much of a code guy but I'm gonna read it and try it :wink:

Yes... once in a while I dive into some @MaxZieb 's posts to try and learn a bit more :blush:
As you know, one of the reasons I love Hype's workflow, is that I can spend time designing and working around the interactive side of the app without needing to use code... but I'm also aware of the importance of a simple line of code and what it can do :wink:

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From what I could understand in the examples, the function is only directed to an anchor (example: hypeDocument.scrollToSelector ('#green');

but I don't want it to go to a specific element. I just want it not to scroll down bit by bit

(see example attached)

I guess I don't understand how this is different from the default?

I guess in these 2 examples on this video (one website I'm doing in Hype, and the other, the Tumult forum) we can see the different performance with the same gesture.

i guess you’re searching for this css property, which enables momentum scrolling on iOs
webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;

so in my case, for the all page, how and where should I put the code in Hype? (thanks 4 the help @h_classen)

as css-property for the body or any element with scrolling …

be aware it’s iOs only .