Lock layer above everything

(Stephen O'Callaghan) #1

Hi all, new user here… Could be a foolish question,
I’m wondering whether there is a way I can lock a layer to the top of a Scene (above all other layers)
A bit of context;
I’m developing templates for use with DCM and want to have the Doubleclick exit space above any layers added without having to remember to do so before export?

Hopefully that makes sense, Thanks in advance!


You would set the layer of a rectangle (set to 0% opacity) to be the top element, assign whatever click actions you want to it, press the lock icon (or Arrange > Lock) and then you’re all set. You could then select File > Save Template and use that Template file as your starting point. This might be kind of annoying since to click anything below the element (when editing in Hype) you would need to temporarily hide the element, but it’s the simplest method.