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Good morning from Greece. I need your help once again. I have a particular html file that I would like to display into a Hype document. I tried to follow the instructions of this topic but couldn't.

I don't know much about code and your help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance

The basic steps would be:

  1. Drag the .html file to the Resources Library in Hype
  2. Add a HTML Widget element
  3. With this element selected, go to the Element Inspector and change the radio button to Specified URL
  4. In this Specified URL field, write ${resourcesFolderName}/002.html (assumign 002.html is the name of your file). ${resourcesFolderName} is a magic variable that changes based on exports, so keep that as is.

Then it should show up.

You are pure MAGIC!!!!! Tnks

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