Local font on Android Chrome

I’m developing a local application with Hype. It will run on Chrome on Android tablet (4.4).
The devices will not me connected to internet and I should use a google web font locally.
I’ve tried following the documentation and it works fine on Chrome for desktop but not on android.
Here the example: http://www.e-mage.it/temp/prove-font/font2.html
What is wrong?
Thanks a lot

can you upload your work so i can get closer look?

Hi Jameskoh,
of course.
prove-font.zip (304.1 KB)

Hi James, have you find out some issue?

sorry for the late reply. i did not know that you had replied.
i’ve done some research and i found out that Google Chrome currently does not enable @font-face linking to ttf and otf. because of security issues.
I am not sure this is the main reason.
mobile chrome needs woff format.
does this help? let me know.

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Thanks James,
I try to use woff.