Loading external data

Hello! I would like to know how to extract data from an excel file (CSV, XML, it actually doesn’t matter because I will be exporting the file from Excel so I can do the format that suits better) and load it in a variable (an array) inside a function in Hype in order to use it later for a bar chart. The “using in chart” part I have it cover, but I’m finding a lot of troubles get the data out of the excel file into hype. I guess it must be easy but my knowledge in javasicript is quite limited, so I’ll appreciate any tip. Thanks!

Thanks for answering! This link you send looks amazing but I wanted to know a way to load data from a file inside of Hype.I mean a file that is already in resources. Loading from an external url seems an amazing solution but sadly I don’t think I have enough knowledge about servers and javascript to get into it. I checked the code from this post and your map (amazing work, by the way) and I don’t understand anything. That’s what I thought that probably there would be an easier way to get the data from an excel file (CSV or XML) that is already in Resources. Is it?

You’ll need a XMLHttpRequest. it’s covered in the above post, but also feel free to do a forumsearch on topic which will show up several examples …:slight_smile: