Loading differents hype documents inside a "television" screen with a transparent area


I would like to make a website containing a sort of television screen with a transparent area.
The television screen contain the menu on its top, to load different hype documents in the transparent area.

Is it possible ?
Will I be able to click on animations (z-index) ?

I would like to do this because, I want to hide things coming from left, right inside animations, and because I want only one menu connected to urls.

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To accomplish clicking through the hole in the screen, you can put a png with the transparent hole on top and just check Ignore all pointer events in the Actions Inspector for that item. This will allow clicks to pass down through to elements in a z-index below. If there are parts of the screen you do want to stop clicks (say the border), the easiest way to add those parts will probably be with an empty/transparent rectangle above.

As for content coming in from the left and right, you can hide it beyond the borders by putting that all in a group, and then setting the group’s Content Overflow to hidden in the Metrics inspector.

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Thanks a lot Jonathan,
It helps :slight_smile:

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