Loading and Unloading Behaviors

If someone could explain what action to use to unload a behavior… I’ve included my file for you to look at. What I want to happen is (the first section Day1-5 will load automatically)… but when I click on any other nav I have a behavior set up to load that section (only light blue is done right now). I want to be able to unload this behavior while also loading the next nav when clicked.

Did that make sense? You click on light blue - behavior loads,
Then you click on purple, light blue behavior unloads and purple behavior loads

I cant figure it out :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated.

there is no such “unload”-behaviour for behaviours.
the easiest way is to move an invisible element above the one to deaktivate it.


Sorry to say, but, your file is in an organization structure difficult for me to kinda understand and figure out. But, one thing I can say for sure, you don’t even need custom behaviours. You just need to move all your animations into their own timelines (relative, if needed) and then contoniue those timelines. That should do it.

I have made an example which might be what you want to do: Example.hype.zip (10.5 KB)