Loading a Typeform Widget

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But I am having the same issue that Tamara had. I’m using the HTML widget but I have the “Specified URL” checked. I too want the widget to open further down the page. Please advise. Thanks!

Can you clarify what exactly you want to do? If you can share a URL and show us how it is working incorrectly, and then explain how you want it to work, we can try to give you some tips & advice. (Posting a Hype document would also be ideal)

Sure, I have a Captivate file that I published as an HTML5, (which works perfectly). It is places about 2/3 of the way down the page, but when opened instead of opening at the top of the page (which is what I want it to do) it opens at the Captivate file.

If you are adding the Typeform widget to a Captivate document, you should post this on the Captivate forums: https://forums.adobe.com/community/adobe_captivate

(I’m not clear how Hype is used here? )

Even though I am having zero issuse with the way the file is working? Ok…

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Hi Daniel,

Apologies for not being very clear, this is my third week of exclusively using Hype. Basically I used Insert>HTML Widget, then I went to the Element inspector and selected “Specified URL” and inserted the URL. Then when I preview or publish the page it goes directly to the widget (which is two thirds of the way down the page). I would like the page to open at the top of the page like normal, but I am not able.

Typeform, when embedded, really wants to take over the page. I think allowing it to have its own space (a full page, where it is the only thing embedded) is what it wants. Their embed code is pretty aggressive, especially on mobile, in forcing a full screen immediate experience.

If you can post a Hype document or a URL I can dig in and see if there’s anything else going on.

Hi Daniel,

You nailed it!

I did have to create a separate scene with only the Captivate file on that page.

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