Load other scene after video ends


I am trying to build a software demo in Hype. I have some scenes that I link with buttons when they are pressed. I would sometimes like to load and show a video.... newbie here so ...:

  • can I load a video on existing scene and have it disappear after played ? I now created a separate scene.
  • can I move automatically to other scene when video has played ? I now have a persistent symbol with buttons.

Project and html export are in this zip if anyone wants to have a look.

Hello Alain - Welcome to the Forum!

If I am understanding your request correctly this post should be illuminating:

Here is the demo Hype file from that post: VideoSceneEndedTransfer.hype.zip (2.2 MB)

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Hello Jim,

Thanks for the quick answer, I am going to read that a few times to understand it :wink: Did not find it in my search, sorry for that.

See you on the bitstream ! Alain

Hi Alain!
I will do my best to answer your questions. I live in N. California where we have had some horrific fires. I just got my electricity back after 6 weeks, but still no internet... so I may not be timely in my answers.

Someone else might pick up the thread if I'm tardy in my reply. :sunglasses:

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Oh, Jim. I'm sorry about the fires. It's a terrible thing. I hope that the situation improves as soon as possible, although the desolate landscape takes time to recover and the damage to the families as well. In Spain we know it well, unfortunately, although not as big. A lot of encouragement.