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I’ve done a podcast player that needs to be updated with a new audio periodically. The mp3 will be changed every week just replacing the mp3 file, but I don’t know how to change the audio title (it is a text box) without having to touch the coding every episode. I think it will be great if it is possible to add a file with the episode name and the text box will be updated with that value. Is this possible?


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The simplest way I can think of is to us a JS file external to you project.

Here is an example.

In this project I have a text box with a unique id.

There is a function that sets the innHTML of the text box. ( called on scene load)

hypeDocument.getElementById('podTitle').innerHTML = window.podTitleText;

The title text that the function uses is from a global var.

The global var window.podTitleText is from the external JS file.

To get this I placed in the Head tag (document Inspector-> edit Head)

This code.

<script type="text/javascript" src="./podTitle/podTitle.js"></script>

The ./podTitle/podTitle.js is full path of the file. the ./ is used to indicate to go out to the parent directory of the exported html file.

So now When I export the project, I will then create a new folder named podTitle in the same directory as the .html file that is generated on export.

In the podTitle folder, I will place a plain text file named podTitle.js.

The podTitle.js will be loaded when the web page is loaded.

In the podTitle.js I have a single code line:

window.podTitleText = "This is a podcast"

So now all I have to do is place the podcast as normal and then edit the line of code in the podTitle.js


window.podTitleText = “This a podcast number 45”

podCastTitleExample.zip (77.8 KB)

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Wow, it sounds great!! I’ll try it and tell you if it works.


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Yes!! It worked. Thanks.

Only one more question: for some reasons I don´t want to have only one file with all the titles for all the podcasts. Is it possible to have different .js files, one for each podcast (podcast1.js, podcast2.js, etc)?


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Repeat each step above for each one.

I.e a podcast2.js

would be :

in Hype function

hypeDocument.getElementById('podTitle2').innerHTML = window.podTitle2Text;


<script type="text/javascript" src="./podTitle/podcast2.js"></script>

podTitle folder

podcast2.js file

podcast2.js file’s code

window.podTitle2Text = "This is a podcast"

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