Live vehicle feed in a Display Banner

I am trying to build a display banner that features live vehicle stock. I have built the expanding component but was wondering if anyone knew if or how I could get the following to appear in my file?

Below is a visual to how we use the vehicle stock rotator on a landing page.

and this is the code I use on my landing page…

<div class="featured-cars"><div id="featured-cars" data-website="Silver Star Motors" data-domain="" data-featured="automatic-demo" data-api="1" data-layout="" data-limit="12" class="clearfix"></div>

I just cant seem to get it to view in my Hype file. Any help would be appreciated - thanks BrettPreformatted text

Have you tried viewing it when it’s uploaded to a server?

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From the look of the attached HTML code, there’s probably some javascript that would go along with it which will interpret the data- tags and then present the view within.

Typically you include that HTML as the Inner HTML of a Rectangle element and as long as you copy the 3 lines of code to an existing document, then the div DOM structure will exist on the page. The problem when it is driven by javascript is that the code may execute before Hype has had a chance to dynamically make the div. If you have a manual code method that you know of that can signal to populate the div, you can do that with an On Scene Load event.

Otherwise an alternative may be to use an HTML Widget element, and place everything as the Inner HTML for that, including the scripts necessary to populate the div.