List styles remove indentation

(Roy Giezen) #1

Got a list in a tekst column and i want to delete the indent so the list lines up on the left with the text.
But i can’t remove the indent, tried with css but doesn’t work.
Anyone any ideas?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

It is hard to know without seeing the document, but in general you may need to modify the inner HTML of your text element. You can do this by selecting the element and choosing Edit > Edit Element’s Inner HTML. This will popup a box containing the code which likely has the <ol> / <ul> / <li> list elements you’d want to remove.

(Roy Giezen) #3

tried that, didn’t work. I don’t want to remove the bullets but align the bullets to align left with the rest of the text.

See this link, textcolumn on the right and the list at the bottom:ásil_Organisatiediagram_2017/Penshun_Fásil_Organisatiediagram_2017.html



You have the “padding-left” set wide (40px) in an unordered list - if we are talking about the same text block.

I reset the "padding-left" to 15px (in the Web Inspector):

(Roy Giezen) #5

Thanks, think it’s something to do with the class hype_scene which is standard css configuration of hype.
Overwriting the class style in attached css file and appending !important to the padding did the trick.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #6

Ah, you might be able to avoid the !important by unchecking Protect from external styles in the Document Inspector.