Links on page not working - inconsistent / unlogical

working on a website and having problems with links on the landing page that point to another page within that same site (same hype document) The links are technically all the same - boxes with different labels pointing to different destinations using „mouse click“
The first 4 of them do not work when testing or after publishing and the last 3 do work.
The boxes are not in a group and are the top 7 elements in the timeline. So nothing covers them..
Help appreciated..

stackorder? is any other element in front?

As posted... all link boxes on top of everything.

Can you share a Hype document so we can check it out?

I have tried and found (for now) that boxes being used for navigation do not work reliably when there is "inner html" in the "normal" textbox. "hover" and "pressed" sem to not matter...

would there be a more pivate way? Can not share publically.. Have to ask client anyway.

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ok, thanks