Linking to Scenes from "external" JS/jQuery menu

Hi there,

I´m just testing Hype, if it is the right tool for a job. I´m very happy with Hype so far, but get stuck with a navigation menu:

My project consists out of some scenes. Every scene contains a HTML widget with some already styled content and a linked Javascript/jQuery navigation menu, to navigate from scene to scene.

I already read this thread:

and I changed the links in the menu to

  $('#link_ls_0').bind( myevent, function(e) {
    document.location.href = "HYPE.documents['DSA2016_v3'].showSceneNamed('003a')"

Now I´m totally stuck: The links in the menu work, but they don´t link to the scenes as expected, but only lead to a empty white page. When I check this page with the Safari Dev Tools, I see, that the links get´s not interpreted the right way (see screenshot) May be, I´m overlooking something very basic, but I´m just a JS beginner.