Linking to External FIles

(Derek) #1

Hello All.
Is there a way to link from the desktop back and forth between different files?

We are developing a stand alone kiosk presentation that will be delivered via an All in one Dell touchscreen PC using Chrome as the default browser. The Hype file(s) will be local on the desktop.

In an effort to minimize file size and improve efficiency it is my understanding that we can and should split the larger presentation into separate linkable scenes.

To do this I have created two files that can be linked from the desktop:
Master file: file:///Users/Me/Desktop/Secret-Agent-V2.html
Other file: file:///Users/Me/Desktop/Secret-Agent-V2/pass.html

This links fine, and scenes work as expected. But this second scene (pass) needs to link back to a new specific scene in the master file. Because the URL is always the same : file:///Users/Me/Desktop/Secret-Agent-V2.html - how do you define a specific scene within that URL?

Seems like it should be doable?
Thanks for your time.

(Warren Adams-Ockrassa) #2

Since it’s all going to be loaded from local storage, efficiency and bandwidth are nonissues. There’s no wait for anything to download, so it’s not as though you have to deal with network latency.

I’d do it all as a monolithic single document broken up into scenes.

(Derek) #3

Interesting point. And a much better alternative.
Thanks for the advice.