Linking to another hype project: Opening PDFs

I have made a user guides which will be distributed on a USB drive, I also have some pdf documents that I will be updating every few weeks.

I want to be able to do this:

Make the user guide, and from the front menu page have the ability to link to the PDf files (which will be made in a different hype project, this will allow me to update the pdfs only and allow people to download them from the internet , so they can keep updated)

Userguide.html + Resources folder
pdf.html +Resources folder

How can I get the link from the menu page of the userguide to open up the pdf.html file?




You’re going to need to set the full URL of the PDF as the ‘Mouse Click’ URL for whatever element you’d like to open that PDF. It shouldn’t matter much how your PDF is added to your site, but you will need to know the full URL so that clicking on it will open the file.

If the PDF is in your resources library, you can link to it by using this URL:


You may need to uncheck ‘Automatically optimize when exporting’ for that file when selecting in the Resource library. Hype converts single page PDFs to PNGs.