Linking to a PDF in resources library from an image

Hello Hypers,

I have created a 'download icon' image and would like it to download a PDF from the resources library, but I can't seem to get it to work.

I've added the following code to the image's inner HTML

<a href="${resourcesFolderName}/CaseStudy.pdf" download="" tabindex="2" title="Download Case Study"><div style="width=100%;height=100%;"></div></a>


unchecked optimization on export for the pdf¿ otherwise hype will convert it to an image


Thanks for replying! That was already unticked, unfortunately. I have a text link next to it to the same file, which works perfectly. If I replace

in the image inner html with text, it also works. Any other ideas?

Here is the file, if useful... (not sure if it will upload the resources PDF with it?) (27.5 KB)


a styleproperties-syntax is: style="yourStyle:yourValue" <-colon here!


Urgh... blushes Thank you for picking that up! I had clearly been looking at this for too long.