Linking scenes between slices

(Dan Wright) #1

probably very easy but I’ve had to slice up a large document and was wondering how I link between the scenes that span the slices as the ‘next scene’ doesn’t appear to work anymore, it’s basically an animated book which will be going off to PhoneGap Build


(Dan Wright) #3

I’ve managed to link up the files via ‘GOTO URL’ links which works for the first scene in each html ‘chapter’ of several scenes /pages but accessing the subsequent scenes/pages within the ‘chapters’ directly from combining the ‘GOTO URL’ and then a ‘Jump to scene’ doesn’t work, any ideas?
I’m using this to break down the overall size of the file for performance considerations on a HTML5 hybrid app for mobile devices.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

After implementing the information from the link @DBear sent, you would want to use the URL and then a hashtag for the scene name within it. So the go to url action would then look like:


You can’t combine a go to url action with a jump to scene action within the Hype UI, because the go to url action will change the entire page.