Linking Hype Actions with "FLIC" The Wireless Smart Button and App

“FLIC” The Wireless Smart Button and App…
here’s what it is…------->
Here is the Coding page…----->
Does this translate usage with Hype?
My first priority is to see if I can get this button to work with hype, as my son has special needs… and one button physical operation would work for his needs… for a Hype style experiences, that I can build for him, and his classmates…
Tied to a monitor and an iPad running hype, Flic button could trigger the action of Next Scene… Which could trigger A learning activity animation…Or video… A particular color button could trigger a particular scene etc… Red button for scene A… Blue Button For Scene Two etc… I believe this could be used for many style presentations…
Will the coding they have listed integrate in the hype environment? It’s a little over my head…
Thanks for any help…

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Sorry I do not have anything to offer re: coding & Hype.

But Thank You for this insight into what appears to be an amazing new concept for integrating the internet of things (I watched the video). And best of luck in your endeavor with helping your son - and others!

I am hoping @nick will see this - he would be able to offer an informed opinion.

@harrison I looked at the SDK and the API from the code page.
So here is my thought.

  1. You could create individual Hype animations ,save them as HTML files and then you could wrap it into iOS. The FLIC could then trigger an iOS transition between views.
    Since their sdk and api are built for iOS it might work.

I created a Hype to iOS tutorial that you can check out.

Since coming up with adaptive devices for kids with special needs is a passion of mine let me take a look at how this could be built.
Give me the weekend to frame this up.

Check out my website and tutorial


youttube tutorial on Hype and Xcode

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