Linking a font, clicktag - a non-hardcoded option for Doubleclick For Pub?

Hi guys,

Afternoon - I have been designing a quick banner ad to go on a forum at some point. I am having a slight issue with linking the stated font in the title (Avenir) and its not linking. I have included this in the resources and added the custom css but no luck? I’m also looking to include a simple clicktag for the find out more button at the end of the scene - if someone could help it would be much appreciated at this time :slight_smile: I went through the text inspector for the custom font. In terms of the clicktag, can I have this?

The font is showing in resources, but when trying out on another computer with the files it doesn’t link. :frowning:

I have attached my document in an external link as its too big here whoops?

I don’t think your @font-face code is specified properly. Each @font-face should only represent a single typeface as a src (though it may include that typeface in different file formats for browser compatibility). Also the font-family within the @font-face should only have a single name - this is what will be used to refer to it in the font-family fallback list.

I’d also not use the display name of “Avenir”, since this is a default font included within Hype.

Here’s what mine looks like:

Since you have three different typefaces, I would recommend three different custom css fonts. Also note that depending on your target, you may need the font files themselves to be in different formats for the src property (separated by commas).

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I'm not an expert on the variables available, but I've seen in the past you can set the clicktag to something like:

<script type="text/javascript">
var clickTag = "%%DEST_URL_ESC%%";

This will get replaced by the ad server. Found from this post:

(We also have an upcoming way for you to specify this in Hype's UI)

I managed to sort this out Jonathan. Relating to the Clicktag - is there a function to have it not hardcoded? I may be wrong, but I hear it’s bad practice to insert the link as it becomes untrackable for clicks? This is an ad for Doubleclick for Publishers. Just wondered if anyone has done a variable kinda thing, so the ad manager can set a trackable link that’s all.



Whoops, I was playing around with the posts and put this out of order. See the answer above your question :slight_smile:.

No worries :slight_smile: And I have just tried this in the validator for a quick peek and it states the following:

I’m sure once it’s put in Doubleclick by the ad managers it will soon state a conclusion. Again, as previously mentioned other thoughts and discussion appreciated. I don’t know how the platform works itself by looking at previous posts @Daniel knows the route - this was a ZIP file of the Hype documents/index assets.

@jonathan thanks for the heads up on this.