Linking a button with a web page

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hi to all. I create a hype widget that i want to place insede ibooks. the widget just want to send the reader to a web page with a tap. I use the Go to URL fun of hype. when i preview to safari everything works great but inside ibooks the linking doesnt work…How can i solve this??
I upload the file to check by yourselfs
Thank you in advance. (156.9 KB)


If you have the widget set to play automatically then it won’t be able to access the internet. This is probably what the issue is. Set it to play on page or full screen and you’ll be able to click the link and it’ll take the user to the url.

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thanks DBear, everything now works perfect…just curious, do you know why is that?


It’s probably a security issue as anyone could have a piece with code that will automatically direct a users computer to a possible scam site or download of something. Although it doesn’t prevent this from happening it will also lead to a bad experience for the user and ultimately lead to people not using iBooks. Not a definitive answer but a guess :wink: