LinkCollection: Quick & Easy Social Links Template

I keep seeing folks using LinkTree to send their social media followers to a small collection of links, so I thought I would make a quick mockup of this in Hype. It's super easy to set this up, and it loads much faster than anything else on the market.

It's a simple page entirely built in Hype with a single smaller layout and a small amount of CSS: View it here.

A typical Linktree site gets a score of:
Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 3.59.29 PM

While this Hype only version scored:
Screenshot 2021-09-07 at 3.59.25 PM!

... and 100 on Desktop.

DL here: (103.4 KB)

  • Changes in one layout will reflect in the other (because the links are a symbol)
  • Choose your favorite text color or button background to appear on 'hover' in the CSS
  • Update the avatar image by selecting the image in the resource library and replacing with a square image.
  • Edit links and text normally: Enter the symbol and double click on a button to edit the text. And select the 'Actions' - Mouse Click property to update the URL it points to.
  • Use any Emoji image you like from to reduce any image needs.
  • Export using Advanced Export (and inline data file + loader) to keep things speedy
  • Document allows tabbing from link to link with tabindex

Whats with the apple :laughing: ?

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Neat, perhaps this will finally attract people to subscribe to my Onlyfans page :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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