Link to second presentation in kiosk


I make a museum presentation that runs on a PC with Chrome in Kiosk-mode. The main presentation is about 100 scenes. Now I want to make a link to a second presentation. If I choose goto URL it is not working. It is a local folder, so it’s not online. Is this even possible without installing a server? What are my options?

many thanks!

If both .html documents are in the same folder, you would use something like secondpresentation.html in the go to URL field. This will look for a secondpresentation.html file in the same directory as the HTML file you’ve loaded.

Ah, that makes sense! I’ll give it a try. Thanks!

Spend last months on this project. First real extensive Hype project for me and I am so very happy with this workflow.

Sorry, my mistake. It works now!