Link to location on my page

Hi, I tried to find help here for the following topic:
I have a very 'page' and would like to jump/scroll to a specific location further 'down' and the 'up' when clicking specified items. I took a while to search here but could not find anything.
Can anyone help please?
Thank you!

You can us an anchor approach or use scrollTo

These two keywords are a good starting point to search the forum. Lots of solution are here already on the topic.

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If you set an ID on any element, for example yourId , then you can link to it by inserting this in the ‘go to URL’ field: #yourId for -> Click -> GO to URL.

edit/note: CSS provided in post below seems preferable ...
for a smooth scroll to an anchor you'll need some js ... like:

scrollToEl(id) {
  const element = document.getElementById(id);
  element.scrollIntoView({ behavior: 'smooth' });

Smooth scrolling can also be enabled by a small CSS addition these days …

html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;