Link to HYPE-596.thin.min.js externally?

Another noob question…
Have tried to search for an answer, but no success, so I give it a try here :smile:
When exporting to HTML5, Hype includes the HYPE-596.thin.min.js script in the output folder.
This is weighing in at 57kb, and are over 50% of the max allowed weight of 100kb that the advertising companies demands. Is there a way (link/resource) to connect to this script externally?
In the export dialog i see “Use external runtime URL”.
Anyone the can point me to this URL?
Thanks in advance :blush:

Seems like I got an explanation here: A note about - it is not a CDN for your ads
Also, in the Hype documentation, it mentions that these scripts can be hosted on (the creators) own server and be accessed from there.
Will give that a try :blush:

Yep. It seems like it works :smile:
Added a folder at our server, uploaded the .js files and linked to them in the Advanced Export dialog box “Use external runtime URL”… Voila :wink:


Awesome. BTW this repository will always have the latest runtimes (if you want to update yours when a new release comes out :champagne: ) and is a temporary CDN for just this purpose:

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