Link not working

Here’s a weird one: I have a number of social media icons to which I have attached URLs. This is really basic stuff - select the item, assign it a mouse click / tap action, drop in the URL and set it to open in another page. I’ve been doing this for years. They are not working properly.There is nothing on top of them. Strange. I was having a problem with text links in which the hot spots would inexplicably separate themselves from the text object; floating some distance from the actual text box. I am wondering if this could be the issue here as well.

Adjust the page width and the hot spots start showing up in random fashion - sometimes only working on a part of an image and sometimes not at all, depending on the page width. (282.4 KB)

This was likely because that group was underneath another group – other elements were blocking clicks on the icons. I moved the group containing those icons to the topmost layer order and I can now click on all of them: (114.2 KB)

I might need to reinstall. As mentioned, I was finding that as I changed the width of the browser window, the hot spots associated with the different icons shifted to different positions, with some shifting as much as 100 pixels from the item that was assigned the link.