Link inside Second Timeline is invisible on the Main Timeline but still clickable

I’m struggling with a Hype project.

I placed a Button in the main timeline that triggers to show a Textfield with Background (Textfield/BG shows up with an Animation from invisible to visible).

That Textfield with its Animation is inside a second timeline. Also there is a Link to a specific URL inside that Textfield.

Now I have a problem that this Link is still clickable inside the main animation even if its invisible. Its still there. This is giving me some trouble cause a user can accidentally click on it. Is it possible to “deactivate” that link inside the main timeline?

I think I’m doing something substantially wrong here. Can someone point me to the right direction?

Thank you!

Have alook at this project.

Text boxes which go to links are on top of the two blue text boxes below
try clicking on top of the blue boxes.

This will show you the difference between what happens
if you use Opacity and Visible Hidden

Then hit the buttons above to show them. (60.8 KB)


Hi Mark,
it took a second for me to analyse your demo project and find the visible/hidden function. But now it works like a charm.
Thanks a lot and Greetings from Germany

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